About Me

Andrew J Scott

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Tiny Bio

Serial entrepreneur and Founder ; Co-Founder  flying and film, Co-Producing 

Short Bio

Serial Entreprenuer turned angel investor at 7percent Ventures, disrupting the status quo in European early stage tech investing.

Previously Founder of 6 tech startups, with 1 exit, 4 fails and 1 TBD. Andrew’s products have included the world’s first online digital news archive (BritishPathe.com) first location based mobile social network (playtxt) and a patented trust network for use as a very fast personalised recommendation engine (Rummble). He was previously on the board of MLove, and UnLtd World.

In 2009 he Co-Founded the not-for-profit the European Entreprenuer group The ICE List and remains on the Board;  as well as the EU Policy Makers Advisory Board, splitting his time between London and San Francisco. Get in touch @andrewjscott

Long Bio

With over twenty years experience across internet and mobile technologies, Andrew has founded six tech startups and advised hundreds more as a mentor or consultant to tech businesses.

After concluding there wasn’t much call for lemonade stands in an often overcast small English town, in 1990 Andrew created the subscription fanzine STPUG for Atari-ST computer owners. Soon after he started the Computer Advisory Service with his school as his first customer.

His first tech startup was Virtual Cities (1997) a website portal for local businesses across the UK, pivoting to a SaaS solutions company Worldwidecity which he later sold; projects included the world’s first online digital video news archive BritishPathe.com.

Other startups included InTraining (2000) an interactive fitness website with Olympian and six times Commonwealth Games winner Dave Morgan, and DinnerDateAuctions one of the services to ever use interactive SMS. Raising capital after the dot-com crash was tough and neither service succeeded.

In 2001 Andrew founded playtxt the world’s first location-based mobile social network. Early to market and challenging for European investors not experienced in D2C products, in 2006 a US competitor Dodgeball sold to Google. Assuming the “who’s nearby” problem would swiftly be solved by the search giant, Andrew decided to move on.

In 2007 he invented and patented trust-network technology to solve the problem of accurate personal recommendations on your mobile, i.e. how to find restaurants and other places nearby you’re guaranteed to like. Rejecting a US acquisition offer to instead take further funding to grow the business two months after the investment the VCs got cold feet and sought a B2B strategy, today Rummble has become Seldon.

In 2010 Andrew became a Board Director of UnLtdWorld an online platform to support the Founders of social enterprise, later acquired by The Guardian Media Group.

In 2012 in San Francisco Andrew Co-Founded Taploid, a digital magazine which used NLP to automatically generate interesting stories from social platforms.

Since 2014 Andrew has been a Co-Founder of 7percent Ventures, bringing a bold and ambitious US style of investment to the UK and beyond.

He also remains heavily involved in The ICE List non-profit tech entrepreneurs group, which he Co-Founded in 2009.

He sits on the EU Policy Makers Advisory Board and splits his time between London and San Francisco. Get in touch @andrewjscott


Activity in Film

In 2011 Andrew was Associate Producer for Turn Towards The Sun a feature length documentary about Michael Clive “Micky” Burn MC.

He is Founder of Port 20 Productions as Executive Producer for future feature film The Greatest Raid Of All Time, a story about how people are not born but become heroes, how ordinary men can do extraordinary things.