Separated at Birth: Andy Murray and John McEnroe

Another intermittent installant in a series of dopplegangers – those people we never knew were related. Friends, the famous and more.

This episode is to celebrate our wildly successfully Great British Olympics and features the new Olympic Champion British Tennis ace Andy Murray, who’s talents it now becomes clear are the DNA of none other than court ranter turned TV commentator John McEnroe.

“You can’t be serious!” I hear you all cry. Well, a photo never lies.

The infamous John McEnroe (left) and London 2012 Olympic Champion Andy Murray (right)

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Separated at Birth: Matt Marshall and Brains from Thunderbirds

The sixth in an intermittent series of dopplegangers. Friends, the famous and more.

With the Venture Beat Mobile Beat conference kicking off in San Francisco today, this is a timely day to announce that Matt Marshall (Founder of Venture Beat) is very obviously directly related to Brains from Thunderbirds.

Separated at Birth:  Matt Marshall (Left) and Brains, Chief Scientists at Thunderbirds (Right)

For those who don’t know either of these people, Matt Marshall  is a scientific genius, employed by International Rescue as their engineer. He also constructed a chess-playing robot called Braman.

“Brains” founded Venture Beat in 2006 and has been described by the New York Times as one of the “top technology blogs” . In March 2009, VentureBeat signed a partnership agreement with IDG to produce DEMO” a conference for launching emerging technology products.

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Separated at Birth: Robert Di Nero and Eric Van Der Kleij

The fifth in a very intermittent series of dopplegangers. Friends, the famous and more.  This episode features the somewhat beleaguered Tech City CEO Eric Van Der Kleij and his estranged brother, Robert Di Nero.

While Eric’s brother Robert has taken Hollywood by storm, Eric has been helping build Silicon Valley 2 in the heart to London’s East End.

Not everyone has been a supporter of his strategy as the head of the government’s Tech City program, but Eric knows a thing or two about a thing or two, so perhaps he should take a leaf out of his brothers -characters- book and tell people to “..just shut your goddamn pie-hole.”

Eric Di Nero and Robert Van Di Kliej

Separated at Birth:  Eric Van Der Kleij (left) and Rober Di Nero (right)

Would certainly make interviews and start-up meetings a little more intense.

Eric was recently quoted as saying “There is a certain combination of anarchy and discipline in the way I work.”  Oh wait, or was that Robert?

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Separated at Birth: Jony Ive and Jason Statham

The fourth in a very intermittent series of dopplegangers. Friends, the famous and more..

With murmours of the beginning of a slow implosion at Apple, I can now reveal the hidden past of Jony Ive, Apples senior vice president of industrial design. Those in the know say the real reason the Brit is considering a move back to the UK is not any disagreement with the Apple board, but to escape the ongoing rampages of his blood twin Jason Statham.

Mr Statham is still furious that, thanks to a mix up in the antenatal ward all those years ago, Jony ended up with the name destined for Hollywood-lights, leaving the kick boxing film star as half leader half landing stage.

Separated at Birth: Jason Stratham, Film Star (left) and Jony Ive, SVP design Apple (right)


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Separated at Birth: Richard Hammond & Jimmy Saville

I seem to spend my life spotting people who look like other people. So I’ve given in and will now publish sporadic Separated at Birth posts, in homage to Private Eye, the section which shares the same name I always enjoyed during childhood.

Number 1Richard Hammond is turning into Jimmy Saville

Jimmy Saville / Richard Hammond (TopGear)

Jimmy Saville / Richard Hammond (TopGear)