I occasionally speak at, judge at, or contribute to conferences and events.

An incomplete list of previous engagements is below, some recorded videos here.



  • Dec 10, Launch 48, LONDON, “The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission”
  • Nov 18th 2010, Cambridge University Moller Centre, CAMBRIDGE, “Social Networks”
  • Jun 10, Medien Forum NRW 2010, COLOGNE, Keynote “Communication 2010”
  • Jun 10, MLOVE Confestival, BERLIN,  “Fireside chat with Alcatel-Lucent”
  • Mar 10, NextWeb 2010, AMSTERDAM “The Dirty Dozen (Abridged)”, 6 minute Video
  • Feb 10, TechCrunch GeeknRolla, LONDON, “The Dirty Dozen”, Techcrunch Report and 15 min Video
  • Feb 10, MLOVE Winter Camp 2010 Andorra “Passion”
  • 09, Heroes of the Mobile Screen, London
  • 09, Carsonified Future of Mobile, London
  • 09, Mobile 2.0 Europe
  • 09, 140Char Conference, New York
  • 09, Mobile Advertising, Amsterdam
  • May 09, Mobile Location Services, London
  • 09, Mobile Telematics & Navigation, Amsterdam
  • 09, Mobile Web Summit 2.0, London (Chaired panel)
  • Feb 09, Mobile World Congress
  • Feb 09, MLOVE Barcelona 2009
  • 08, Mobile 2.0 San Francisco
  • 08, Carsonified “FUEL” Conference, London
  • 08, CBI, “A History Of The Social Network”
  • Nov 08, MLOVE Camp, MUNICH, “If I Could Change Anything In The World”
  • Jul 07, NMK Forum, LONDON, “It’s about the data, stupid”


More to add, will be updated as I make time..


  • 140conf Twitter conference, New York & more
  • Jeff Pulvers leading twitter conference, not just in New York but in many major cities
  • Being Digital, London (Spoken at)
  • Chinwag Live (various), London (Spoken at)
  • CTIA Wireless, San Francisco
  • DLD, Munich
    a sort of European version of a tech media TED; larger and often invite only it attracts a diverse crowd and usually has great networking opportunities
  • European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Tenerife
  • eG8 Forum, Paris, France
    Invite only forum to discuss what the G8 agenda regarding the internet should be
  • E-Tech, San Diego
  • Fuel, London (Spoken at)
  • Future of Mobile, London (Spoken at)
  • Future of Web Apps, London
    one of the major tech web events on the London calender, not to be missed
  • Future of Web Apps, Miami
    fun, fiesty and one of the leading Web 2.0 conferences
  • Heroes of the Mobile Screen, London (Panel)
    brilliant newish mobile conference with intimate feel and good content
  • Le Web, Paris
    run by Loic and his wife, the biggest event on the French tech calendar
  • Lift, Geneva
    diverse conference with not-the-usual speakers, spanning much more than tech, I hugely enjoyed this event
  • Location Based Services IIR, Amsterdam (Spoken at)
    a distruptive event which represents the next generation of conferences (Spoken at, Founding team)
  • MEX, London
    the leading mobile usability conference; personal, rammed full of interesting people & quality content
  • Mobile 2.0 Europe (spoken at)
    the main independent Mobile conference for apps, enterprise & consumer mobile services
  • Mobile 2.0 San Francisco (Spoken at)
  • Mobile Advertising, Amsterdam (Spoken at)
  • Mobile Location Services, London, 12th & 13th May 2009 (Spoken at)
  • Mobile Telematics & Navigation, Amsterdam (Spoken at)
  • Mobile Web Summit 2.0, London (Chaired panel)
  • Mobile World Congress , formerly 3GSM, Barcelona (Spoken at)
    THE global mobile industry conference, with everything from cell-tower builders to handsets, MNOs and everything in-between – almost getting too big these days, but a definite for the mobile aficionado 
  • Monaco Media Forum, 2010, 2011
    An invite only summit to discuss European internet, business and the future of digital media 
  • Plugg
    Brussels very own tech conference which is growing fast
  • Social Graphing Patterns, San Diego
  • Summit Series 2011, Summit At Sea
  • SXSW, Austin
    young, cutting edge and party-central in Texas USA
  • The Next Web, Amsterdam (Sponsored)
    one of the best European conferences, this continues to have a unique vibe & great content
  • Under the Radar Mobile, San Francisco (Spoken at)
    an institution in Silicon Valley, the UTR conferences attract alot of attention and are run by veterans of the valley world

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