I Predict A Design Shift In 2011

Design like fashion goes in many cycles – some more obvious and visible than others. I’m no expert by far so this topic would be best explored in depth elsewhere and by someone else. However I do have a prediction and it seems to already be coming true.

The original iPhone - the design for which is starting to look decidedly Web 2.0 and almost dare i say it a little naff, even if we're all fond of it

After the gradients and shadows of Web 2.0, this evolved in to the slightly cleaner apple-sque finish of the iPhone and then the iPhone 4, with the retention of more subtle rounded corners but more white space and less gradient kitche – a move on from the original iPhone (above) but still of the same lineage.

Windows Phone 7 UI, surprisingly refreshing and simple - content focused

The design of the new Windows Phone 7 O/S really caught my attention. It’s like a properly executed Vodafone 360 design. It reminds me of some 1970’s TV Sci-Fi programs, because of the bold but square interfaces of computer screens simulated at that time, with strong flat colours…although maybe I’m remembering incorrectly!

Uhura does her thing with flat graphics on pretend LCDs

My prediction simply is

..that people will like the Windows Phone 7 design style more than we think they will and that it may start to filter into other sites.

I was prompted to voice this opinion after seeing this nice article about a conceptual Facebook makeover in the Washington Post. Can you see any similarities, or am I barking up the wrong design tree?

Facebook conceptual design by Bruce Mau Design

What do you think?