Five Great Reasons To Attend MLOVE 2011

As if the onslaught of social media, real time feeds and micro blogging is not enough distraction, there is an ever growing list of events trying to grab our attention these days. So why should you invest the time and money in coming to MLOVE 2011? (Disclosure: I’m an advisor to MLOVE)

*** MLOVE starts evening June 22nd 2011 continuing to Friday/Saturday. You can still grab a last second ticket here -use my code “MLOVE-VIP11-Andrew” ***

  • Mobile IS the Internet, it’s the future of us all. In 10 years, we’ll scarcely remember the days of tapping at our desktop or laptop PC. Our desktop PC –in fact our only PC – will be in our pockets
  • MLOVE was created to inspire you to approach your business, and ultimately the world around you, with a different perspective. At MLOVE we strive to be more engaging and create value for you through interaction and involvement
  • MLOVE is held in a trusted environment where people can relax and speak candidly, in order to build real world off-line friendships to benefit your life and your business ambition
  • MLOVE aims to deliver the power, inspiration and education of TED with the irreverence, trust and freedom of expression, embodied by the famous Burning Man festival ..but with less dust
  • MLOVE will take you out of a regular hotel conference environment and put you in a 100 year old German Schloss, alongside peers who are guaranteed to educate and entertain you.

The MLOVE society is resolved to build on the success of MLOVE 2010 with a second Confestival in Europe which kicks off in just 36 hours and you can still grab a last ticket now!

Meanwhile, there will be MLOVE Camps throughout 2011; MLOVE Barcelona Camp was held in February 2011 after Mobile World Congress and further Camps in London and San Francisco are pencilled in for the Summer and Fall and conferences outside of Germany during 2012: help us.

MLOVE Team Barcelona Camp 2010

Harald (MLOVE Founder), attendees and MLOVE advisors at the Barcelona MLOVE Camp 2010. More camps coming: make sure you're there!

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