Mobile Usage Statistics In A Snazzy Infographic

Thanks to those folks at a graphic demonstrating what those in the know already know: that Americans did want to send text messages after all, even if it took them a little longer to catch up with The Old World. To think of the folly of all that wasted discussion years ago as to whether American culture was different…

The best part about this infographic, is that it is only the tip of the iceberg!

Smartphone ownership in the UK and USA is running at around 20% of the population as of 2010. In contrast, web access is at around 80% of the population.

The period of big growth, when the time will be ripe to grow really big new consumer apps, new brands or services a la Facebook growth on the web since 2007 (when it went open, instead of just colleges) hasn’t even started yet. The next 3 years is going to be VERY exciting and I personally have been waiting literally a decade for it!

As an aside, I must confess that the Apple App download stat (99.4% of all app downloads) looks suspicious though… both Android and Symbian have considerable download numbers; and I’m unconvinced that last stat is correct.

Graphics by Riley Cran


3 thoughts on “Mobile Usage Statistics In A Snazzy Infographic

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  2. 6 trillion messages per day in America? There are 300,000,000 Americans, so each American is sending 19,500 text messages per day? Don’t be stupid. This infographic is wrong.

    A little skepticism, plz.

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