Most People Now Realise Android Will Win

Judging by this recent poll which the eminent @quixotic ran on his LinkedIn pages, it’s clear that general thinking has caught up with those of us who have been arguing open Android was always going to win over closed Apple, with Android being the clear dominant future for smartphones.

The results from Reid Hoffmans recent poll are pretty clear

People argue of course over how open Android really is, but that is missing the point. It is, for better or worse, more open and lower cost (being free for most licensee’s) than Apple’s IOS; and in this race that is all that matters.

See the full Android versus Apple poll here.  Just incase that one wasn’t enough, a second Android versus Apple poll I stumbled across thought the same thing.




4 thoughts on “Most People Now Realise Android Will Win

  1. I don’t think they will “win” until Android sorts out the mess it’s in. I wouldn’t call any platform a win that leaves consumers in software update limbos, leaves consumers confused over which app store to use and lacks a competitive UI. Winning market share yes, winning mind share no.

  2. Most Android users don’t give a hoot about point releases, they’re just happy with their phone and 1 or 2 year contract, then they upgrade. It’s only those of us perhaps more geeky, more involved with technology that really do care. And if you fall into this latter category

  3. (oops)

    …then you’d either have a ‘Google Experience’ device such as the Nexus One or Nexus S where you DO get the latest updates OR you’d just root your device.

    So, in answer to your first point Callum, I don’t think it really stacks up.

    Which app store to use? I have owned Android phones for about 1 year exactly, I’ve never installed from anywhere other than the market. Same goes for many Android users I know.

    The thing is, if someone released a desktop operating system and said ‘hey you can ONLY buy software from this one place’ then we’d all be up in arms about it…

    I agree that one App store might be easier for some folk, but I don’t think it’s really an issue.

    Finally ‘lacks a competitive UI’ really? That’s just subjective surely….? One could say that the iPhone lacks a modern notification system but hey, that’s just subjective too right? 😉

  4. Apple and iOS will not become a smartphone monopoly | Urban Horizon

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