I Present The Future Of Mobile Computing (well, nearly)

I’ve been mooting for more than a couple of years that within 5 years you’ll probably have no laptop or desktop PC. Indeed, over the last few years I’ve been reducing that estimate of 5 years accordingly over time and thankfully, given the announcement of the Motorola Atrix 4G, HD multimedia dock (featured there on Engaget) looks like the estimate may not have been premature.

The gist has been that all modern phones now need to become the only device I need, is the addition of:

  • an adapter for plugging in to a hi-res monitor (with appropriate resolution support)
  • the support for a mouse
  • the support for a full size keyboard

..then for many internet and business users, this would become the only device a user would need. Going home, and plugging it in to your monitor and keyboard/mouse, switching to your home/office wifi – job done.

Copyright: www.Engadget.com

Surely some people will need more power?

Yes obviously for graphics, DTP, design, 3D modelling, CAD and gaming it is going to be a long time before a lowly handheld device substitutes the glories of a roaring quad processor with acres of RAM and solidstate storage… but the vast majority of people don’t need this power.

Even I as a relative power user, find myself not able to do the 95% of business tasks I need to, only because spreadsheets and blog posts et al are hard to manage on such small screens and without a full-size keyboard and mouse.

Anything else on the horizon?

Next up, add in flexible screen technology such as AMOLED displays and electronic paper and modern portable keyboards and I finally have my truly portable office.

Can’t this be done now?

I’ve tried on more than one occasion to make myself fully mobile, from Palm III’s with keyboards and bluetooth to GSM phones to other flawed but well-meaning solutions, I some time ago rather gave up and accept that now I just have to carry a small laptop/netbook.


The Palm III with keyboard. A bit rubbish, but it meant well.

In fact, my Blackberry is the closest thing (even more so than Android and iPhone IMHO) if only because of it’s excellent text handling and messaging capability; although I appreciate the browser still isnt much good and some people are happy with touch keyboards in a way I’m not. The other killer app for my Blackberry is bundled international data roaming, but few others seem to have been able to get this deal; it has saved me countless thousands of pounds.

So, roll on another generation’s attempt at making computer truly portable…I think we’re finally almost there.


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