Nokia Running Android within 3 Years

I actually wrote this last year, but it was buried in a long post about Android and how it will surpass iPhone, enevitably, to be the largest Western operating systems on mobile phones of the next 5 years. Even that post was about a year late coming to the web.

So I’ve been saying this since 2009; but I didnt blog or tweet it. Was plenty vocal at events, but theres something very formalised about commiting finger tips to keys and sticking ones neck out.

So, starting today, my gut fuelled beliefs will be posted far frequently and in a timely manner; even if they risk being way-out and ultimately wrong.

To be? or not to be? That is the question.

Nokia has for some time been in a mess, with developers having no faith in what to develop for, the messages coming from Nokia being confused as to what they are going to support long term. QT has for a long while seemed the best bet, but with a new CEO at Nokia, questions have been raised as to whether, actually, we might even see Windows 7 Nokia phones.

My bet is still that ultimately Android will prevail – but I could be very wrong;  others are more robust saying with-in just one year: This, I think unlikely.



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