Warning: Email Spammers Using The Rummble Name

Here is a post which I felt so important, I should cross post it here to my personal blog, from http://blog.rummble.com

From the Rummble Official Blog:

There is an email we’ve seen recently prentending to come from Rummble, requesting you to open an attachment. We will never send you an executable or ZIP attachment by email.

These are scam emails, which target you the consumer while claiming to come from a trusted community such as Rummble. Usually they get caught by your spam filter, but incase not, please delete it. Here is a spam email I received just yesterday, which prompted this post (the email below is NOT from Rummble):

The example above is SPAM, not a genuine email from us.

The key things to remember are:

  • We will never send you a .ZIP, .COM, or .EXE attachment to open.
  • All links will be back to http://www.rummble.com/ or a child page of that domain

We will only ever send you:

  • Bi-weekly personalised community activity email with content from your trust network
  • A monthly Rummble newsletter containing updates about functionality and featuring fun recommendations
  • A password email reset if you request it (with a link which takes you back to http://www.rummble.com to rest your password)
  • Notifications of messages, comments or a new friend connection, with a link back to the http://www.rummble.com/  domain

We’re all used to the viagra spam and invitations from your bank, credit card or paypal, to click a strange looking link and open up a website to donate your private details to a spammer, or to infect your computer with a strange .ZIP file attached.  I guess one of the perils of being a popular site is spammers targeting our community in the same way as other popular brands.

Please double check any emails which may look like they’re from us and if in doubt, please contact us.



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