Nowegian Air mobile phone check-in. All airlines should be made this way.

Was pleasantly surprised to check my Norwegian air tickets and login only to find this (see below). Lufthansa also has an efficient mobile login option. BA, Virgin, Easyjet, are you listening?

There is no excuse for not doing this these days, its ridiculously easy.



4 thoughts on “Nowegian Air mobile phone check-in. All airlines should be made this way.

  1. If you are flying Finnair out of Helsinki, it is even better, a pair of SMS and that is you checked in and the SMS is your boarding card!

    The first SMS comes around 2 hours before your flight, with your seat allocation, and the instruction to “reply with A to confirm”. Do that and a second SMS arrives that is you checkin confirmation and boarding card (to allow you to get through passport control if needed).

    The simplicity of this is what wins, as this works on even the most primitive mobile handset.

    Apparently SAS when flying out of Stockholm, Arlanda does something similar

  2. Okay – so did the Norwegian “mobile” ticket work as intended – just a quick scan and you’re checked in??

    I’m travelling from Aalborg to London in December

  3. This is a bit of a late comment to the post. But until about 18 months ago I was working as a project manager in the Technology Introduction team at BA. Anyway I can remember a conversation with one of the Senior Managers (3 yrs ago maybe) about an idea of mine to use SMS as a check in tool using QR Code bar codes. Long story short the project didn’t go very far!

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