More Insane Government Internet Security Proposals

I’m not getting enough time to write my blog at the moment (read: I’m choosing to prioritise running Rummble!) but this is too important not to reblog.

Grab a coffee (or green tea, whichever works for you) and read Mike Butchers important post about digital privacy and the march of yet another stupid government agenda on trying to control / mine the internet under the guise of national security, child protection and a raft of other flawed arguments.

I’m not an alarmist nor a conspiracy theorist; I dont beleive the “powers that be” do actually want to control everything or that MI5 or 6 really has an agenda to turn our state into an imiation of 1984. Infact I beleive the sentiment is good – people trying to do the right thing; but they dont understand.

Not only are many of these plans unfeasibly costly and unworkable in practise, but the fact is the technology and the “internet” itself as ever evolving global animal, will always out run the most ardent beleivers who think that you can put a big ear to the pipes of the internet, listen for everything, store everything and then simply do a search to check out every communication this country spews (Viagra spam and all) to find out where the next 9/11 equivilent will be sprung.

Anyone sending information that important, could if they wanted subvert the system in a vast number of ways, not to mention the plethora of services and social platforms which dont even involve an email, telephone call, or SMS. Its not only niave but ill-conceived and a vast waste of tax-payers money, IMHO – and that is before we open the case for the defense of Civil Liberties.


One thought on “More Insane Government Internet Security Proposals

  1. I think that the only reason the Government are going along with this is that they have run out of personal data to use.

    This will give them a way of grabbing more of our data to be left on trains, or put on unencrypted disks and sent First Class Post.

    It’s all part of the Goonvernment’s ‘Data Mismanagement Strategy‘.


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