Warning: Don’t order from E-buyer (review of ebuyer.com)

Busy executive? Run a small business? In a hurry?  Dont order from ebuyer.

Tempted by their cheaper than anywhere else prices for a Samsung 22″ monitor for my new graphics guru recently employed, I ordered from them last week.

1. I was going to pay on my personal card. They requested a copy of my PASSPORT and a bank statement. Annoyed, but wanting to simply get the goods, I complied and sent the scanned copies to their email address. Days later, still no delivery. We phoned;  they had no record and had canceled the order. We’d had no email or communication. FAIL No.1

2. we tried ordering again. This time I paid on my company mastercard; they didnt require the passport or bank statement this time, but they wouldn’t accept the order to be delivered to our London office, when the card was registered to our Cambridge office.

3. Reluctantly accepted to have delivery to the Cambridge office, so telephoned this time to ensure the order went smoothly. So we ordered BY PHONE and the guy said they would be delivered the next day, as they were in stock. I even paid extra for fast delivery.

Having arranged carraige from Cambridge to London, I called today to check things had arrived. NOTHING HAD ARRIVED. Tried to call, they had a cue of 9 people infront of me. Dug through my email, it turns out they sent a CANCELLATION OF ORDER EMAIL a couple of days ago; it had gone in my junk (good to know they use a good emailing service). The email gives NO useful information about why it is cancelled; the items were IN STOCK, so they cant be discontinued. We certainly did NOT cancel the order.

Summary of why not to order from ebuyer

3 attempts at ordering, over an hour wasted (atleast), many calls, emails and arranging of transport from Cambridge to London, and NOTHING to show for it.

In short:

  • Poor communication
  • fussy policies about delivery when other services all manage to provide sensible delivery criteria
  • long waiting on the phone
  • and the potential to be left furious at having wasted a vast amount of time and f***ing around.

And why am I writing this and using up more time? To save you making the same mistake. Its my only course of retort. Back to Amazon for me; I’ll pay the little extra, as atleast they deliver on-time and without the dance of the postal address ebuyer demand.

The email is all its useless glory, below:

7 thoughts on “Warning: Don’t order from E-buyer (review of ebuyer.com)

  1. Ebuyer are fantastic! honestly how can you blame them because an email they sent to you went into YOUR junk folder, hilarious! and you guys are supposed to be somewhat computer/tech savvy *rolls eyes*. The other points are #fail aswell as there for security reasons to protect you, had someone go a hold of your CC card and tried to use it on ebuyer you would be THANKING them for having rigorous security checks and protecting you from fraud!

    This article is shi*.

  2. You, sir, are an asshat. You don’t even know how email works – the fact that it went in your junk mail folder is the fault of your email provider, not the sender. Your post is full of fail.

    What a retard.

  3. You’re right, they have the worst CS on the Internet. Like most people I was happy with them until an order went wrong. When it did, after experiencing their terrible CS, I vowed to let everyone know how poor they are. They are cheap for a reason you know!

    Bought 9 items for building a gaming pc. Unfortunately 4 items were not sealed and had been previously opened. Yes, you guessed it, Returns/Exchanges from other customers. Intel Quad Core Q6600 box was creased on every side, torn on 3 corners and squashed! Gigabyte motherboard was in anti-static bag that was sealed with sellotape – marks left from previous tape were present. The bag was indented all over, obviously from a different item. The documents and cd appeared as though they had been thrown randomly into the box. The lid didn’t even close properly. Antec gaming case had sellotape on the flaps but previous tape was present on the sides of the box – completely seperate from the tape on top. Called ebuyer and some monkey replied ‘we have to open each package for stock taking’. Yeh like I was born yesterday. What a bunch of jokers. The other 5 items were plastic wrapped! When I said they were selling returns and exchanges they replied ‘we comply with all trading standards’. I am sending the lot back and buying from another supplier. I will never use Ebuyer again. If one purchases what is described as a new item then one should receive a new item, in particular when dealing with CPUs and Motherboards.

  5. Let’s remember the only people who ever post in these threads are people who have been shafted, and the companies involved.

    Ebuyer don’t even have an email contact point. And they are currently being investigated for credit card fraud and various offences under the trades descriptions acts.

    To the 2 posters above who criticized the original poster – get back to work. Those customer service phones have been ringing all day.

  6. All I can say is that the few people here who have had problems with ebuyer really are a small minority in my experience. I order from them a lot and haven’t got any complaints. AND I’ve had dealings with their customer service when (my own fault) I ordered the wrong type of hard drive, the returns process was extremely user friendly and I had the correct hard drive in no time. So please don’t be put off a great site by this minority!

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