Viral Marketing & SEO: Blogging your company or startup

image1.jpgThere are probably many better resources out there than my blog to give you the low down on the 101 best ways to blog about your company; but some of my team recently wanted a few pointers – specifically how to find blogs relevant without wasting a lot of time. So I fired off this email to them, which I then thought other might find useful
The obvious are:
  • social networks
  • do a Google search (or be wild and try a difference search engine, like MS Live)
  • industry forums
  • industry groups on social media
  • social software sites
  • people you know who have blogs
  • your OWN blog
Further to our conversation about spreading the word via blogs (but without spamming) One little trick I use is Google Alerts for certain keywords to draw my attention to blogs and articles that I can comment on; this serves the dual purpose of keeping me aware of the industry. Ive got quite a few keywords I keep track of using Google Alerts (e.g. mobile social networks, rummble, lbs, mobile advertising etc etc). You could just pick something that interests you.
Clearly the comments have to be relevant when you post, but you should pick a topic and become an expert in that area –
It doesn’t have to be a technical topic if you’re not a developer; it could be privacy, or safety online, or mobile marketing. You can then:
  • comment with authority (so its not spam on blogs / articles)
  • become an ambassador for your startup in that area
  • converse with confidence at events on that subject
  • evangelize your startup as best practice in that area
Doesn’t matter if there is overlap with other people; and you dont have to spend hours and hours. Even just 5 or 10 minutes each day to put a blog post or a link and if possible get it back to your startup, or atleast put it in your signature; thats 7 a week, times by however many people in your team do it (in my view, all should!) by 4 weeks a month — thats a lot of references and eyeballs……

One thought on “Viral Marketing & SEO: Blogging your company or startup

  1. The best way i have done this by spreading it through bloggers who have a large number of readers and other by announcing in related forum communities. And last by spreading it on social networks.

    This method works well.


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