SocialNetwork Apps and Widgets – Notes from the Social Graphing Patterns West 2008

These are my snippets from the sessions about developing Social Networking apps and widgets.

image2.gifRock You – Jia Shen, CTO

FB Young, and women

Newsfeeds, Notifications, Invites – most important marketing elements

Which channel does it fit in? (Rummble is probably in Content or Self Expression – clarifying this might increase our conversion rate and usage)

What are the call to actions?

Do users like it? (break viral barrier)

Tune growth (install vs uninstall)

Viral multiplier – 1users causes atleast 1 other install

Tune – track everything. Rock You built a tracking system that tracks all input and output. Track spam blocking of notifications – work out what works.

Non-user pages are now more important; better contact as people check app before install

Open Social

Do not miss this opportunity – HUGE audience

Promiscuity factor – different audience

Myspace, Orkut, Hi5 – will all be there at launch in March

Practise agile development – APIs are changing almost daily. Built quick, role out quick.



R. Tyler Balance @ Slide

Utilise the things available – FBML, Mock AJAX, FQL, Mobile, etc.

Widgets are not applications


Kevin Marks @ Google

Stop planning, start developing on 0.7

Hi5 and Myspace will be active within a month

If you’re an application provider, get writing

If you’re a social site, implement Shindig/Opensocial


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