Development Tips according to Flickr (FOWA Miami 2008)

image9.jpgAfter a disastrous trip I finally got here (albeit tired after a 4am NYC connection to Fort L followed by drive to Miami). Thus far some OK stuff .. my picks:

Cal Henderson (Flickr) is talking about process in development. He’s a funny presenter. Thumbs up from me.

Here are some development pointers, in his opinion:

  • 10% spent on developing tools to help develop
  • Version control – Emails on commits notes – send them out and have them filter into an email
  • Version control – Invalid syntax hooks on commit – refuses if invalid
  • Amend your own interface for your bug tracker – Bug trackers are often simply too complex
  • Continuously test when integrating .. i.e. write tests
  • Use a Tinderbox and combine it with alert
  • Incremental releasing – Permanent manufacturer but with:
  • Dev > Q&A > Stage > Production
  • Flags not Branches – use Feature flags; this maintains consistency against the head for testing purposes
  • Single button site deployment – however complex it gets; it should still be one button to deploy
  • Deploy log – simple, but effective – highly visual error messages are important
  • Deploy process – Automate common tasks

One thought on “Development Tips according to Flickr (FOWA Miami 2008)

  1. Completely agree with ya Andrew, Cal from Flickr was awesome. Thanks for making this post, it helps a lot!


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