Yahoo Open Search Platform brings us a step closer to Web 3.0

I’m surprised the announcement of Yahoo’s Open search API isnt bigger news. I cant help feel it would be were it Google.

It’s great news for us as we can provide access to Rummbles external content and integrate Yahoo Open Search to embelish the search results with extra information. This is a pre-cursor to the obvious next step which would be for us to identify who is doing the search and providing personalised content back to the Yahoo Search results, for that individual. This would mean they have to be logged in to Yahoo … We will have to check if we can get access to that persons information (perhaps their OpenID?) to then tie it to our trust network.

This would be much easier – and will be! – once the world embraces a standard or platform along the lines of Googles Social Graph and/or equivilent (think XFN etc which Social Graph is based on…)

You can see where I’m going with this … we can then personalise Yahoo’s search results for location based content in the same way we do for existing users with-in our network, but without them stepping foot inside the Rummble website. Cool, huh? … who said Web 3.0 doesn’t exist.


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