Facebook statistics stumble … is it a blip or is the madness cooling?

OK so its been a while since I posted. In truth, there is a ton of stuff I want to write about, but things are crazy here. There is so much to do – bootstrapping doesn’t seem a suitable term – I think we’re whole-body strapping; but all in all its busy because things are good. We have got a lot of interest and even the journalists are taking an interest in Rummble.

So, whats this about Facebook? Well, its being widely reported that Facebook stats are levelling or atleast slowing. Really, no one should be suprised about this. Facebook is not worth $15billion and while it is a fantastic product, I believe it is also going to go through a tough time in the coming months, as it becomes a victim of its own success. There are BIG question marks over the Application Platform. Technical it works well, from a business point of view it has justified much of the hype and valuation of the business. Many people though question their interest in continuing vombie bites. I have 160+ notifications which I have ignored (and will continue to) as I really dont want a vombie bite or hot or not or to find out who has a crush on me. The vast majority of applications are rubbish (with the exception of Rummbles of course đŸ˜‰ which is a shame as there ARE good and useful applications out there, but they are being overshadowed. I’ll talk more about application platforms in a future post, but for now we wait and see what will happen to the Facebook growth.

Ive spoken to more than a few people who find the torrent of dumb notifications and invites, pointless at best…


It could never continue at such a pace and I suspect while the growth will continue to be great in new territories as the Facebook craze takes hold, Facebooks job over the coming 24 months for existing markets will be:

  • to retain their existing users
  • to retain the user traffic (rate of visits and eyeball time)
  • to continue to improve the filtering of an ever increasing amount of information that hits your Facebook profile
  • to work out how to get users to actually click on Facebook adds, without setting off a revolt (see Beacon).

For more statistics info, see the trusty Techcrunch Facebook statistics article here.


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