More Mobile Network Operator Mobile Data Woes

I posted this on MomoLondon today in an effort to understand how any MNO can roll out such a policy and think it is sane / sensible / will work / will grow their data business …

Can anyone explain to me why if I access the internet on my Blackberry one way (e.g. via O2 actives homepage) I get charged, but if I access the mobile internet another way (via “Blackberry bookmarks”) I don’t ?!  Even if accessing the same webpage – e.g. Google.
Another stunning example of wholly opaque pricing and usability from the MNO’s.
Momo Crackberry users, be warned. I have received £600 bill for data for one month, because I apparently accessed data via the wrong APN.
Apparently one pay’s for data via “” but not  via “”.  Frankly, this is a joke.  I dont remember being quoted “100 mb of inclusive data provided you use the correct APN”. 
To be fair to O2 they have reimbursed me for the confusion, provided going forward I make sure I use the right APN; and I commend them for making the right decision on this.
There may be a good technical or other reason, why it is like this; but that is not the point.  Don’t give inclusive (albeit capped) data packages, but then apply a string of confusing criteria to the deal. Data is data. Sorry, but I dont care about the complexities of an MNO’s network or international roaming deals.  I am paying for an inclusive, international 100mb of data for email and browsing. That is what I expect to receive, without strings attached.

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