Lifes a Pitch – quite a good book.

51aap0eetcl_aa240_.jpgPrompted by an article on the excellent blog Found and Read I thought I’d mention the most recent good book I’ve read. I’m not a huge reader and certainly not of many business or life-coach-esque titles; but occasionally I discover something or am recommended something particularly good which I am willing to invest my time in.

Lifes a Pitch is a title of a book which certainly falls into this category.
The book contains invaluable and priceless info (especially in the first half) about how to pitch; both write, prepare, its structure and delivery and how to achieve good delivery. Its relevant to giving a presentation to sell, to win a contract, to get investment or simply as an inter-department presentation to colleagues or a boss.

It’s down to earth and REAL – written by someone who knows from the front how to really fight the war; not by some consultant who has never actually tasted and chewed on the grit of giving presentations to win business or win people over.

The rest of the book is pretty good too; talking about general business issues and one’s own personal approach to the challenged of trying to achieve something in one’s life. Split into two books, its laid out in an easy to read way, amusingly illustrated and unusually structured, split into two books – each one written by one of the two authors.

If you read it, let me know what you think – it would be great to have others opinions.

One thought on “Lifes a Pitch – quite a good book.

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