More bricks removed from the walled garden of Social Networks

In a nutshell, the major social networks have agreed, in principle, to try to agree about sharing user data and exporting one’s “social graph” (that poncey way to say a social network database).

What, when and how it will all happen, we will wait and see; but it is a major shift in approach which was inevitable, but nobody knew when.

The Data Portability workgroup is where it will all happen. As I’ve been saying for a long time, getting critical mass and using that as a reason why your business has logevity, will not be enough in the future. This only reinforces my beleif.

More at the omnipresent Techrunch on Facebook, Google and Plaxo joining the Data Portability Workgroup

STOP PRESS: Good followup from Mike Butcher at TCUK here regards potential EU Legals


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