“m” is for March of the Mobile Internet

Back in March last year I asked the MomoLondon list whether we should look to be using wap.rummble.com or http://www.rummble.com/wap  as our main advertised URL.  It was the wrong question, or atleast the question contained the wrong parameters as choices for an answer!

Clearly, as is usually the case (when sods-law doesnt interfere) simple is best and has one over. “m.yourdomain.com”   seems to be winning out as the choice for mobile sites and mobile optimised content. So it should too. Its simple, its obvious and thankfully the horrors WAP (it is, afterall, mostly XHMTL these days anyway) will fade into the distant yonder.

My prediciton is that “m.” will become the defacto consumer recognised – and expected – way to find the mobile service or website of their favourite brands.

PS> You can visit m.rummble.com  on your mobile device, from anywhere, anytime.


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