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image14.jpgI dont have time to explain the ins and outs of the order – suffice to say I ordered a TFT 24″ monitor on 21st Dec 2007 and it has still not arrived on Jan 2nd 2008, not because it is not in stock but because they requested address confirmation for our company (even though it is the registered address and has been for 4 years) and despite us having replied with 3 emails, forwarded proof from companies house, tried to call (got put on hold and no response) then their live chat (they could not deal with my query) my order is still sitting on their system “awaiting security confirmation”, I cannot cancel it and I have absolutely furious.

It is a while since I have dealt with such an incompetent, unresosponive, hair-loss-enducing company. It disgusts me that they claim such high regard from customers and good service but are so incompentent and uncommunicative. Their name is mud for life as far as I am concerned; I have tried to resolve the issue -having run a few companies I know all companies can make mistakes, including my own, and deserve a second chance- but I have now lost my patience. avoid at your peril they are terrible and provide terribly bad customer service.

On a positive note, I recommend PC World Business; who even send me an SMS when my delivery is dispatched from their warehouse.


7 thoughts on “Don’t ever buy from

  1. I Bought a 24 inch BenQ monitor from Dabs. It is excellent. I can Highly reccomend it. Their 22inch Samsung monitors are excellent too!

    Google Review BenQ 24 inch LCD

    I also bought a Motherboard, Processor, 8GB DDR2 Ram, Raid Card, SCSI disks and Windows Vista 64 Ultimate Edition.

    I had horrendous problems and it would not work.
    After numerous tests, I figured it was the motherboard.
    DABS Exchanged it without a problem.

    I chose a different Motherboard… The replacement motherboard arrived and I found the new one required DDR3 Ram..
    DABS Exchanged the DDR 2 ram I bought for DDR3 Ram
    ., no problem.

    I again I had severe problems… Which could have been down to Windows Vista. Again, DABS replaced the motherboard with a different board;
    An ASUS MAXIMUS Extreme.

    Windows Vista 64 Ultimate installed 1st time and has not crashed since.. Incredibly, the most reliable system I have ever built.

    Speak to DABS., I’m sure they will be glad to help out!

  2. Robert,
    I’m happy you had a better experience than I. Part of the problem with large companies is that it is hard to ensure all customers have a consistent “user experience”; but thats no excuse for not trying to ensure they do!
    Thanks for your thoughts

  3. Andrew,
    How much do you spend with dabs? i have used them for 3 years and spent well over 2 million pounds.
    Things run like clockwork and always have.
    I think you where just unlucky and we dabs over PCWB because Dabs dont rip you off.

  4. I too have had an awful experience with Dabs4Work.

    Ordered two hard drives and some memory, didn’t deliver.
    Nobody callled back, cancelled my order and still don’t have the money back!

    Get this – their Customer Service department doesn’t speak to customers!

  5. I’ve just had a terrible email back from Dabs.

    I returned a faulty laptop with adequate packaging to ensure that it would not get damaged during transit.

    Dabs (or bt as it is now) have smashed my screen (or maybe the courier did??) but are now just going to return my laptop smashed.

    So Dabs4Work – thanks for a terrible customer services experience, thanks for smashing my laptop and returning it to me.

    You’ve just lost a valuable b2b customer.


  6. Had a similar experience to the original poster, they requested address confirmation for the credit card, eventhough the card security code had been entered, 3 letters of the unique card password as well. I’ve used dabs at home and work for many years, but not anymore.

    The fact that you can no longer speak to anyone on the phone is customer service of the lowest kind. How to ruin a business, see ya dabs.

  7. If anyone does need to speak to a human being at Dabs, this is the ‘Customer Service’ number: 0800 9170510 I use the term customer service very loosely.

    Worst customer service ever encountered.

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