The all-amazing-cant-do-any-wrong Twitter is still unreliable

image1.gifIs it me or does Twitter get an easy ride wherever it goes? The site, which still has only a few hundred thousand active users (despite continuing and unequaled crazed promotion by the majority of the Silicon Valley community) has been trumpeted like no other over the last year. Its publicity versus success is unfairly distorted and despite VC backing apparently they still can’t keep their servers up reliably; for what is, lets face it, a pretty damn simple application.

Our playtxt platform had group SMS status updates of a similar flavour, way back in 2003; and of course Jaiku (bought by Google recently) has a much richer platform (and IMHO better platform) which they managed before the Google purchase, to keep running reliably.

Anyway, as Jason Calacanis finatically pointed out at this years NMK forum in London (when I questioned why every second sentence included the word “Twitter” and that they couldnt even keep their software running properly) “You’re just jealous!!” . Well, yes, maybe I am jealous of the cult like following that Twitter has engendered in such a short time,in the geek world; but cults have a tendency to end in a nasty mess … Recent post from Techcrunch on Twitters unreliability, in full:

Twitter Downtime On the Upswing

Posted: 20 Dec 2007 08:49 AM CST

Even after moving to a new data center, Twitter has been undergoing some growing pains. Royal Pingdom reports that the service has been down almost a total of six days since it launched last February. Downtime so far in December has exceeded almost any preceding month, with nearly 11 hours of downtime, compared to 9 hours in November.I guess everyone is trying to get onto that Tweeterboard.


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