David and Goliath: Rummble and Whrrl stir up a storm of noise


The $7.5 million dollar funded (and Bezos – aka Amazon founder backed) Whrrl went head to head with the very much none-VC funded Rummble at CNET and while perhaps not knocking the Seattle based money flushed startup out, certainly gave them a good thrashing. CNET decided on a draw – and given their imminent role out (allegedly) of multiple-versions of their mobile app for different platforms, this is perhaps a fair conclusion. However, they lack social networking features and their web UI inst a patch on Rummbles’ (in the authors opinion 😉 not to mention the fact that Whirrl supports a handful of U.S. cities and Rummble is global today. Best get signed up to both if you want to draw your own opinion…! or read the Rummble versus Whrrl article here.Well, atleast we’ve both spelt our company names wrong 😉


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