More Facebook chatter

In response to yet ANOTHER article in Techcrunch covering Facebook… my two penneth on the current eager valutation throth and bubble…

Original article here:

My response below …

Social graph? FFS its a social network. “Social graph” is an extremely clever use of a mathematical label to make a way of storing data sound fantastic and new. Well done Mr Z.

Moving on, I’m closer to Slappenstance than theharmonyguy … Facebook need to tread carefully. No they’re not going anywhere fast, but there are allot of smart people doing a lot of smart things out there.

Ask most people why they’re on FB they will say “because all my friends are on it” NOT because “the FB API and applications are really cool”. IF the core activist usergroup of FB one day jumps ship, once enough of them do, the lemmings (i.e. the other 80% of users) likely will.

Of course, its never that simple, but its not impossible. It will come down to whether FB can keep up the pace of innovation and dynamism, as they grow from a start-up into an internet dinosaur.

Ultimately, Web 3.0 will one day arrive – and that means open standards, data that interopting systems can understand in context and the ability of users to aggregate their social data between services and indeed their profiles. OpenID is one tiny amoeba step towards this direction, but expect one of the attempts at microformatting in this space such as (or something a little for intelligent) to eventually stick to the wall. Then we’ll get to see how closed or open FB really is.


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