Employment 2.0

One would hope that while progress is allegedly made on the user interface of the Internet under the dubious guise of Web 2.0, that perhaps more down to earth practises connected with these upstart trailblazing businesses are also taking hold. We are all well versed on the extravagances of the dot com boom – pool tables and popsickles were all the rage. However, I was thinking more along the lines of progress with other more useful changes in these high growth high-worth companies. Flexiworking, teleworking, those sorts of things. Apparently, as a self-proclaimed Web 2.0 company, Bebo may not have embrassed Employment 2.0 working practises.


I found this log in and log out electronic time card on the bebo staff website. Any ex-Bebo staff know if its for real?!  My little group of staff roll in at anything from 8am thru midday – and some spend 90% of their time working from home! Suffice to say, when I saw this, I couldnt beleive my eyes.


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