Speed for website users is still absolutely critical

I really like Blogmarks. I use it to store all our companies link resources. Its simple, it works. I chose it because I liked it best of all the bookmarking sites; but it repeatedly either doenst load or it too slow. After feeling sorry for it for a while, I now feel there is no excuse. So I’m looking to move to somewhere else, when I can be bothered.

If you gain a users good will, dont loose it because your service is too slow. Its critical. If your software is too slow, improve it. The servers too slow? move them or buy more and cluster. Its a basic premise which on the web, there is no excuse for. Yes its a challenge, but you HAVE to solve it.

If Google takes more than 1 second or so to load, I get fedup. The only reason I started using iGoogle, is because it takes only 2 or 3 seconds to load. If it ever takes less, I’ll not use it. And frequently I switch back to Classic Google because I do get fedup waiting for that page to populate -even though its REALLY quick for what it is actually doing in the background. I understand the technical challenges; but i STILL get fedup. We’re only human. Your website must be fast. People expect the speed of Google – even though they know you’re not Google.


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