The beginning of the end for MySpace?

MySpaces’ traffic levels continue to be much higher than their nearest and much-hyped competitor, Facebook; for all the PR and digital silicon-valley hoohah, one would have thought that Facebook and MySpace were running neck and neck – the truth is very different. Hitwise reports 79%+ of social network traffic goes to MySpace; with Facebook well below 15%

However, as I have been promoting for some time, MySpace will lose its crown if it doesn’t grasp some of the major challenges and criticism being levied at its ailing platform.

virb.jpgMySpace appears to have forgotten its roots – and one might argue it should do this at its peril. An article in the Dallas Observer recently seems to echo my crystal ball gazing, reporting that music aficionados and the artists themselves are rapidly deffecting to music-orientated social network site Virb. With a more Web 2.0 interface and modern look and feel (not to mention vastly superior user experience) I believe MySpace really does need to pay more attention to the user base that got it where it is today- its music community.

Full article about MySpace and Virb here.


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