The only people worse than the mobile companies? The Banks. HSBC prove they still dont understand digital technology.

Messaging centre. Secure. Whats the point of it if all I can ask is sales enquiries?

Their response when I emailed to ask where my business card is that they didnt send out after 3 weeks of my waiting:

 Dear Mr Scott

Business Banking

Thank you for your e-message received 14 June 2007.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to action queries of this nature via this channel. In order for us to assist you further, please could I ask you to either;

Contact your local branch
Contact Business Telephone Banking on 08457 60 60 60(textphone 08457 125 563) 8am to 10pm every day (except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day).

From outside the UK, call us on +44 1792 491 988.

I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Additionally, we recommend that users bookmark the BIB Information Centre ( as a Favourite.

Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions, online guides, systems requirements, new features and copies of the forms used in connection with the service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any further queries.

Kind regards
HSBC Internet Banking Customer Support

 My response back:



3 thoughts on “The only people worse than the mobile companies? The Banks. HSBC prove they still dont understand digital technology.

  1. Amazing you insulted my colleague but have failed to read terms and conditions of banking? You obviously have a poor command of English since you cannot read. Please read terms and conditions before you start talking.

    • It was an oversight on my part to leave your colleagues name the in post; which I have now removed. My apologies for that.

      Regarding the rest of your comment, I certainly can read although thanks to the -most likely intentionally- impenetrable length of the terms and conditions provided by banks, like most people, I don’t read and memorise every detail of the small print with my bank, each time the T&C’s are updated. Do you ?

      That aside, terms and conditions are not the point. The point is that a secure messaging service is provided which works entirely on the banks terms and does not affectively address the problem for the customer – which is efficient banking. HSBC did not send me a card as promised on time; yet I am expected to use my time dialling call centres and entering my information and not able to communicate on my terms -and as I can with many other companies.

      This is a cosequence of poor competition in the UK banking space, enabling providers of the service to offer below par service and get away with it. It is nothing to do with me not being able to read.

      While it might not have been your colleague’s fault that the guidelines specified by his superiors meant he did not have autonomy to respond to request via the message service, it is HSBC’s (and some of your senior colleagues fault) that HSBC does not empower it’s staff to intelligently deal with customers and provide the tools to effectively do so in a way customers are happy with.

      I’d suggest, sir, you take a moment to consider these points before you begin attacking my grasp of English; and if I were unable to read, it would certainly be an impressive feat to be able to write.

    • PS- Perhaps in future you’d like to leave a comment on a blog post with your real email address, rather than hiding behind a fake one. Stand alongside your comments, especially if you’re giving criticism.

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