4OD OD’s

Well perhaps its not so suprising and I was rather expecting after a few glitches earlier in the week, but the 4OD service (Channel 4’s on-demand service here in the UK, offering some pay for downloads of programs and some free) had this page up to day, most of the day while I have been trying to access it.


The first thought was “I wonder how they chose who is getting to visit?” . Actually, I guess I know the answer to this. It is probably luck. However, one would hope that in this day and age, they would keep access to the log in pages open and restrict access to this users as a priority who have actually purchased something. Many of the downloads are free, but others start at 99p ($2) . I’ve paid for downloads atleast 5 times in the last 10 days. That -by my guess- probably puts me in the top 5 or 10% of users. They should reward these revenue generating users by giving them priority access to bandwidth. May be they are already … except of course, I just know they are not.

Internet users are demanding, picky and impatient. I’m no exception. If it doesnt work, I lose faith. Fast. Especially when there is so little explanation; and apparently no gratitude to those people who have supported the service early on from BETA as I have.


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