A little bit of wisdom about choosing a co-partner in business

Recently on the MomoLondon list, a chap asked advise regards finding co-founders and building a team. I’m far from a sage but did my best to help. His question was essentially:

“I somehow don’t find my self comfortable with this “Find” i would love to “Discover” Him\ Her . i don’t mind having a few co founders but what i worry is how can we assure there is a Proper Chemistry between us ?obviously it takes time to develop trust .Specially when we are planing to do it Part time first with Equity sharing mode. i somehow get a gut feeling that a “skill based association” won’t stand the hardship . What do you feel ??”

sharkClearly its very difficult to find the right partner. Of course, there should be some synergy – an ability to work together. But firstly, you wont always know this straight away, and secondly, that person who you can work with, may not be the person you think it is. Sometimes, having someone who feels comfortable like “a friend” can be less helpful than having someone with whom there is mutual respect but with whom there is also divergence of opinion and approach.

Also, don’t underestimate the importance of a skills match – Potential VCs will look for complimentary skills sets; and just at a practical level, you need this. So, in short, don’t look for a clone of yourself, however tempting. You of course DO need someone enthusiastic and committed; that is probably a pre-requisite even over their skills. No point having “the best” person in their field, if they are going to jump ship 6 months in, or when the water gets choppy.


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