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bmHaving chosen my bookmarking site carefully, and settled on Blogmarks, I was frustrated to find the site down (00:04 GMT) Of course, maybe it is a routing problem and maybe it will reappear in the next few minutes, but it has been down for 5 or 10 minutes now. Having run a web development company and still being actively involved in consulting for web projects of all sizes, those in the business -including me- have all had our moments where something has simply gone wrong. But even being someone who has been on the receiving end, it if the site I want is down for even 5 minutes, it leaves an indelible black mark, a bad smell, around the brand. I’m frustrated. I am an internet king speed demon. I want the website NOW. I NEED it NOW. If it is down now, what happens if its down when I REALLY need it next time? Reliable hosting is an absolute pre-requisite in this online world. But so many companies get it wrong.

The only thing worse than a site that is down and unavailable, is a site that is slow or broken! gets my custom because it has a good product range, good prices, I can pay on invoice, and I like the simplicity of their site. But every 15 page loads, their “SpeedTrap” stats software causes a freeze on the page load, for sometimes up to 15 or 20 seconds; I know its the SpeedTrap server because it just sits there stuck on completing the page load, waiting for a response from . It drives me to the point of instant insanity.


They have so nearly lost my business because of it. Infact, for one larger order of laptops, they did. Being the good Internet user that I am, I emailed them to point it out. Did they reply? Of course not. That was 2 months ago. They have lost my business, or atleast part of it. And as soon as I find a permanent alternative, they will lose my business in full. How can the owner of DSGI not care about this? Does he not use his own site…? Don’t answer that. Of course he doesnt. Ivory Towers and all of that.

Atleast, thanks to the SpeedTrap software, PC World Business should be able to track all those frustrated users, leaving the site in disgust. I surely but surely, cant be the only one whom it bugs.

Ignore the simple stuff at your peril. Small things can be big things to otherwise loyal users. Never ever forget this if you own a webiste; and ALWAYS use your website yourself – even if you use the web for nothing else. Over and out.



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