Oh no its O2 again! More mobile operator rants…

I do hate this sort of online advertising. It is normally reserved for the likes of the despised Kelkoo and other lame shopping comparison sites that claim best prices, all products in the world and independent reviews. More often than not, the products are not available when you do click through, there is no review and the information held as a specification is out of date or wrong.


O2 have succesfully learnt from these mammoth over bearing online sites and started advertising phones they dont even have; or even say they WILL have anytime soon. Infact, the O2 site cant even find the very thing it says it is selling. There is no sign on the page you click through to, of an N73, let alone an N95; and the search engine cant find it. I suspect that enough idiots click through and by other things to make it worth while of these sites to keyword advertise everything!


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