Wireless power – the holy grail of an untangled future

Tesla TowerI’ve seen more and more comment and reference to wireless power recently – and not only in dreamy references to a future world of untangled wires. By all accounts, the boffins are actually on to something with a practical basis. It’s clearly going to be some time before I no longer have to run four four-way power supplies off one socket in the hope that I wont be frazzled alive in my slumber; but it does seem to be something that might happen in my lifetime (that’s circa another 50 years, give or take a decade for those who don’t know!).

Our friend and technology adventurer Mr Tesla, the father of electricity, would have been most excited to see his dreams finally beginning to edge into reality. Wouldn’t it be great to never have to plug that mobile phone in again to charge? This chap Marin is one of the pioneering bods currently researching this new untangled dawn; although don’t click on the PowerPoint link at the top unless you understand algorithms that I cannot even pronounce.


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