T-mobile review: T-mobile continue to unimpress.

Finally I manage to get through to their customer service line and sales line (twice before they cut me off and before that the call back service I had an email saying they could not get through to me – I replied, but got no response).

I place an order for the K800i Brown with FREE bluetooth headset (the offer I am staring at ON LINE at the time of order) only to be told “Sorry we have run out, there are no more.” So WHY is it still on the website? How LONG does it take to remove that offer from the website? How LONG did they know that they were going to run out of headsets for? As a customer, its infruriating. I have not even made a call on the T-mobile network and I’m already really f***ed off with them. It is not a matter of money – I can afford a bluetooth headset – Its a matter of attitude and of promising and not delivering.

They should have run a congress session at 3GSM called “Basic customer service: How do we as mobile network operators re-learn basic business practise and not really f*** off all our customers”.



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