Spin me round like a record

In my case a stuck record. Once again I trotted out the same thing I’ve been saying for the last 3 years (if not more) this time I’m sure to the delight of those poor souls subscribed to the momoLondon feed. I blame Peter. Peter (whowever he is – sorry Peter) set me off by writing:

“As long as the mobile internet, WAP, little internet (what ever you want to call accessing a site from a handset) is constrained by the gateway you access it through, namely your network provider, we will see very little innovation and in turn usage. No matter what the usage figures show, they would be an order of magnitude higher if both serving up a site and accessing a site was unhindered by corporate policy such as content filtering, different privileges based on service plan, blocking of perceived competitive sites, walled gardens, preventing access from other networks, browser type etc etc.

I order for mobile usage and innovation to grow as it has on what is being referred to as the “big internet” this is the first barrier that needs to be removed. Until then yes technically they may be the same thing but commercially they are different.”

Too true, I responded….

Give that man a hand(set?)! Peter- I’m absolutely and completely in agreement with you.

These basic barriers to growth need sorting, the rest – while technically
interesting and while it might be useful to sort out meanwhile – is a
smokescreen for this real show-stopper. Only last week I was ranting the
same on a W2F thread.

Hopefully with 3 UK’s new tariffs and more MNO’s to follow during 2007, we’ll
see things shift a little – However, with concepts such as content filtering
and tariffs access differences yet to be resolved sensibly, I fear 2007 will
still not be the explosive growth for the ‘mobile internet’ that many hope.
We’ll see growth, sure, but IMNHO we’re still circa 1997/8 on the
‘big-internet’ timeline; and dare I say it, possibly bubble-wise too!

Justification for these statements? Well, in the late 90’s the US government
estimate net traffic was doubling every one hundred days (and we’re
certainly not there yet with mobile data), but recent wireless venturing is
plain for all to see, and warming up nicely!

Just my two penneth. Andrew.

…I only wish I’d spell checked it before I posted it to the entire UK mobile executive community.


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