Mobile Social Software Market worth $5 billion…

“The mobile communities and entertainment services market is expected to be worth approximately $5 Billion by 2009”

…according to M7 Networks in July 2005. Does anyone have some up to date estimates? The problem of course with these statements is not only the metrics and assumptions often used (admittedly what other choice does one have?) but the vagarity of the statements: What does ‘entertainment services market’ mean exactly?

…I will update this once Ive had some feedback from my W2F journal entry!


2 thoughts on “Mobile Social Software Market worth $5 billion…

  1. The recent data is actually a projection for the year 2009, and the projected worth is estimated to be $5 billion. If the trend continues to grow at the current rate, that could be what it’s worth. But you’re right, there really isn’t any real-time information on the current worth. But for now, there are a few great articles that really point out what you can do with it, one that I find interesting is: Businesses and individuals find mososo very useful, and it began with websites like MySpace, and musicians were able to connect with some real key players in the biz. Not only has online social networking been of use for business, but mososo is keeping people in touch even when they’re on the go.

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