A sign of the times

Not sure how often this blog will get updated as I seem to spend my entire life tapping away at keyboards these days. If its not my computer keyboard, its my phone, if its not my phone its someone elses computer keyboard. Thank god I got rid of my PDA is all I can say.

This blog will be about whatever I feel like writing. This might sound like stating the obvious, but whereas some people stick religiously to the business or area that they are prophets for, I’m going to take a rather more holistic approach to my first persponal blog and use it not only to discuss, but to vent. It will probably end up being highly bias toward the area I am currently enveloped in; namely my company playtxt and the world of location based mobile services and social software. The thought of attempting to split my personal remarks into a seperate blog fill me with dread, as I can already sense I will feel obliged to update this first blog, as some subconcious and unspecified addiction creeps in to demand a regular fix by filling the interweb with more piffil…Famous last words of course; I’ll probably be busy setting up a seperate personal blog before we reach the Spring.

Good luck and best wishes, to all who sail in her.


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